Wednesday, 2 September 2015

oh wow one year

hello world
i just blinked and another season rushed away. i did not manage to take any more outfit pictures because life just happend to me. so i finally moved into a new flat, did go to the amazing cccamp15 and survived summer without getting a real sunburn.

but now as the days get shorter, the weather more styling friendly and most of the boxes are emtpy i feel refreshed and motivated again.

one year ago i started this blog because i wanted to minimalize my closet and declutter my life. a lot did change over the time. i did loose some kilograms, learned new things, did some nice diys and made new friends but had also to let go some other people out of my life.

but i managed to stay with my good promises about capsule wardrobe and did pick up the pieces from last year. unfortunaetly (and it's really a first world problem) some of the pieces don't fit anymore because of my weight change. so i will use some time to present you some of my new clothes in the next days and try to take some new outfit pictures.

be excellent to each other
Madame Snowhitepink

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