Monday, 7 September 2015

first outfit of atumn capsule

hello world
as mentioned in another post i had to replace some things for this autumn. here is one of those pieces. these trousers i bought from emp. i was looking at them since some time and now i finally bought them. as you might now i own a pretty similar pair in grey and black which got sorted out instead.

First outfit of autumn capsule <3 love my new trousers #project330 #iloveautumn #capsulewardrobe

Ein von Kathrin Holzmann (@madame_snowhitepink) gepostetes Foto am

the rest of the outfit is pretty well known, old belt which i own since 2006 or so, plain black off-schoulder shirt and my favorite lipstick which is sleek vamp. and some might have spottet a new accessor on my wrist which is the classical casio watch. i am now finally member of the club

uh and yep i finally got on instagram, so follow me also there if you want.

be excellent to each other
Madame Snowhitepink

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