Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Reading challenge 05: What if

Hello world!
let's go further with my readinglist. The next book i did choose was "What if" from Randall Munroe. He is the artist and author of the famous xkcd comic. In this book Randall answers questions from his readers. As he is not only a humorist person also a guy of science and did study physics. Therefore the book is hilariously funny and also scientificly correct. For every question Randall did a lot of research to find a precise answer to it. Most of the time, everyhting is blowing up or on fire in the end. Which is kinda correct for physics people.

i had a lot of fun reading it and more than once i laughed into tears in the s-bahn on my way to work. So if you love science, xkcd or explosions, go and buy that book.
Hugs n Kisses
Madame Snowhitepink

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