Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Winter capsule wardrobe

Hello world!
a new year started and also a new season inside my wardrobe. the snowy season did start some weeks ago. it can now snow until april (hopefully not) but i defintifly have to wrap up more. i feel very comfy with my wardrobe right now but i had to make some exchanges for winter.

these are the clothes that did not make it into the winter capsule for the one or other reason. the blazer, and the classic vans are just not made for the actual weather. the fluffy west and the cardigan i did not wear even once in the last three months so it has to go. same for two of the pullovers which i only did wear once each. i did discover that the handbag is just to small to hold even my purse, so it also has to go. the cord trousers and that pair of boots have been not in the best condition when i started the autumn wardrobe, and so they broke in the last few weeks completely. the dress moves over to my party-related wardrobe. it makes space for a self knitted dress which i was not able to finish until now.

i did show you my order from about you some weeks ago. unfortunately these trousers did not fit also the flattery skrit. so i had to send these things back. but i did go shopping last week and there i did finally find two new, well fitting jeans and a pullover. i also did buy a poncho/cape. i first was thinking about knitting it on my own, but when i was shopping there was a huge discount on that cape so it did cost only 5 €. if i would knit it by myself the wool alone would cost me more, so i bought it.

  • 1. new cardigan from about you
  • 2. new pullover from forever 18
  • 3. new cape, also forever 18
  • 4. new jersey skirt with lace on the bottom from about you
  • 5. new jeans from s oliver
  • 6. second new jeans from s oliver
  • 7. thick warm wool coat i bought last year at peek und cloppenburg
  • 8. warm and waterproof boots from geox, i own since several years

so that makes 11 out and 8 in which means that my wardrobe did shrink. i am pretty happy about that and super excited for new combinations. send out the white ravens, i am prepared.

Hugs n Kisses
Madame Snowhitepink

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