Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Winter capsule wardrobe shopping

Hello world!
i am planning right now my winter capsule wardrobe. most of my autumn wardrobe will move over. but i will have some things exchanged because they're worn off. These all have been things i had already for longer time, so it's not that they're worn off after three months. But especally some things had a not so good quality in keeping their color. I only wash my clothes by maximum of 40°C with color-protection washing agent.

Other things i will change is because the weather is much colder than in the beginning of autumn which is mostly a pair of shoes and a jacket. I also hope that i can finish my knitting project over christmas. Right now i am knitting a very comfy dress which i would love to have in my winter wardrobe. And i already have a next project on my todo list which is a knitted cape/poncho.

In the last three month i quit completely on clothes shopping except for some tights, because i destroy them on the go. So when i did get back to shopping now, i made a plan before what pieces i want to throw out of the closet and what kind of clothes i want to be back in. This helped me to keep myself straight on the shopping plan and nothing like "oh this shirt looks cute, and how about that dress?".

i also don't had enough time to go shopping here in local stores, which is kind of sad. because i hate sending clothes back which i often have to do, because of my special kind of body type. So i choosed to buy only at one online-store. So that i don't have to bring back 5 different packages. My mostly loved online shop is dorothy perkins but sending back parcels is totally annoying because you have to send them back to england. but i already made quite good experience with the fitting of dorothy perkins clothes so i wanted to order there. unfortunately they did not have any throusers i wanted, so i changed my mind and ordered at about you

here is what i ordered:
winter wardrobe shopping

How are your shopping behaviours? Do you love better to go to local stores and try clothes directly or are you an online shopper? do you buy directly more than one size to send the rest of it back? or are you like me and avoid sending back stuff?

Hugs n Kisses
Madame Snowhitepink

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