Friday, 19 December 2014

How pinterest ruins my life

hello world
as we are all huge suckers for pinterest, everyone of us already has tried some DIYs or recepies or hair and make-up tutorials and failed badly. So was me with this hairstyle i tried it out now 3 or 4 times. The first time ended in a mess of hair with a lot of knots in it and me trying to brush it out again for 15 minutes. But i love the look of that bun and as it says it's easy it must be me who is just stupid.

i am also wearing my high-waist jeans together with a plain black t-shirt and my wrapping cardigan

so let's analyze that tutorial. my hair is about 5 cm longer than the one from the model. but also my hair is fractious and very smooth. so i never can make this hairstyle with fresh washed hair and i definitfly need some hairspray and bobby pins. for twisting around the ponytail itself i bought at DM one of those thingies a hair whatever loop. With the help of this little guy i could wrap my hair around itself twice, which made it short enough for step 7, which is braiding it. so... quite right but still not like that. i will try more and reveal the secrets of this specific hairstyle.

What was your biggest pinterest fail? Or are you quite perfect and can do even better than those pinterest pinners.

Hugs n Kisses
Madame Snowhitepink

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