Monday, 15 December 2014


Hello world,

last week we had our annual company hackathon. Usually hackathons only last over one weekend where you don't sleep, drink to much club mate and eat cold pizza from the delivery service. At DaWanda things are a little bit different. We hack for one week during office ours. For that we sneak out our usual office rooms and stay at the co-working space next to our office. It was a great week with super nice hacks to show what ideas we as developers have and also what things we can make with our new GEMs and APIs we did build over the year.

For this event i made a exception on my wardrobe and did wear our team t-shirt.

One very interesting project was something called Orde(e)r, which is a native mobile app build together with the new Seller API. It is used for managing orders. It was working with production data after 5 days which is just amazing. There are so many possibilities open with it.

My project was also a complete new feature, a download service for digital goods. Which will handle the complete lifecycle of digital goods like e-books on DaWanda. I was not able to build the whole backend service but i tried to show the concept in the frontend including the new listing process. Hopefully this new feature gets some space on our 2015 roadmap, because it would make life so much easier. I wanted to do this project, because i love buying pdf tutorials for knitting and sewing. But at DaWanda the process takes sooo long because there is no automated download process.

I also made a new version of the fake-table which is using auto-width options on desktop and a way less markup. if i can get some minutes i will update the fake-table project on github for everyone of you.

Another very interesting project was a category-suggestion-machine. Where you enter the name of a product and also the products description. based on the given information the machine suggests you three categories in which you may list your product.

it was a super nice week which was very relaxing after the last few weeks of christmas madness.

Hugs n Kisses
Madame Snowhitepink

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