Monday, 17 November 2014

Vintage Computing Festival Berlin

Hello world!
Well it's already over a month ago but i still would like to tell you something about this tiny event and show some of the pictures i did take there.
The event did take place at the 4th and 5th of october at the Pergamon Palais in Berlin, which is near the S-Bahn Station Friedrichstraße. The entry was "pay at your own will" and organized by the afra (Abteilung fpr Redundanz Abteilung e.V) together with the help of the Chaos Computer Club and the Computermuseum at Uni Stuttgart.

Everything was about 'classic' Computers. All exibits where brought by private persons and everyhthing was up and running! It was super amazing to see that these old heating bricks all did work as well as on the day they where bought.
There was also an extra room only about the evolution of Apple computers, starting with the Apple II up to first laptops and colorful iMacs.
But my most favourite room was the gaming room, with all kind of old gaming consoles like NES, Atari and some arcade machines. As we're here a nintendo family i was pleased to see that they had a NES and a SNES up and running there. I own a NES by myself which is still working and connected to my TV if i ever feel like i need a round of Super Mario World 3. As i recap i can say it was a very nice event with lots of cool hardware to watch, funny soldering workshops and interesting talks.

Do you like vintage computers and gaming consoles? Anyone else a nintendo kid out there? Tell me in the comments!

Hugs n Kisses
Madame Snowhitepink

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