Friday, 28 November 2014

Red Riding Hood

Hello world!

As you all know from my detailed whats in my closet post, i only have one colorful item in there. It's a screaming red coat. Before i bought this coat i only had dark or black coats. But when i did start planning my London-vacation wardrobe (anyone interested in seeing this?) i saw that coat on dorothy perkins and had to buy it. But in the end, i did not take it with me to my London trip because the weather was still very warm when we did go there. This was the first time when i did wear that coat.

Besides the red coat i also did wear a nice skirt with pockets (i really love pockets!), basic black shirt, black belt and some striped tights i bought at H&M last year (i bought 3 or 4 of them because i am a tight distroyer, and i love these striped ones so much <3)

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