Monday, 17 November 2014

Why having a capsule wardrobe

Hello world!

Since october i started a new (at least for me) experiment called capsule wardrobe. As i love fashion a lot but have problems finding the right fitting things ( pullovers are usually to long everywhere that i can wear most of them as dress) i often buy clothes that just fit rarely.

so  all the clothes totally stack up in my wardrobe and when i am about to get dressed in the morning it takes ages to find what i want. Lately i discovered a blog named When i saw her concept of having a capsule wardrobe it was like an apparentness. So i decided to start this project right away.

My goals of the project
  • only own clothes that i really love and that fit!
  • define my style of fashion better
  • own more economic friendly clothes (if i own less, i can spend more money on higher quality clothes)
  • save time in the morning
  • more freedom (less stuff means less weight on my soul)
Here is a picture before and after i cleaned out my closet.

This happend in the beginning of october. I am now on the halftime of my three months expirment. in the next few weeks i will post you the content of my closet in detail. i also will post some of my outfits.
What i can say at this time in the project is: it is the best decision i've made comparing to my style so far. and i will continue with the project and do a new capsule wardrobe for the winter season from january to march!

soo more to come! 

Is anyone of you also doing capsule wardrobe? How is your experience with it? Or can you not cut down your closet and why?
And would you like to read this posts in german or english or both? Hope to hear from you!

hugs n kisses
Madame Snowhitepink

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