Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Capsule wardrobe autumn

Hello world!
last time i mentioned to show you what finally got into my capsule wardrobe. My limit was 37 pieces including handbags and shoes. In the end i was on 38 pieces, which is just fine because the 37 was just a number i wanted as orientation. In the beginning i tought i will never be able to just use this small amount of clothes, but when i started picking the pieces out of the wardrobe it was much easier than i tought. The only thing which was hard to decide was about my tee-fury & co shirts. i have many nerdy shirts from various one-shirt-per-day pages and i love all of them. but i said i only pick up one for the atumn capsule and will wear to other ones when the weather is warmer and i don't have to hide them under a cardigan.
As a recap of my closet i have to say i only wear black clothes. Most of the clothes i already have around since many years so o only did buy four new items for this wardrobe. I also only buy kind of cheap brands, which i will now try to avoid in the future and invest money in more environment and economic friendly brands and try to have an eye on organic fabrics. But on the other hand i also try not to buy so many new clothes. So for every new piece i buy an old one will get thrown out of the closet.

  • 1. Red coat i bought new from Drorothy Perkins (arms shorted, belt moved upwards)
  • 2. Fake leather jacket from H&M (bought last year)
  • 3. Blazer from forever18/colloseum (bought last year)
  • 4. Vest i have since ages, i think it was from tally weijl
  • 5. Fluffy vest from a shop on amazon (dunno when i bought it, i think over two years ago)
  • 6. Fluffy short vest also older
  • 7. & 9. plain white shirts. i think both are from cottonON bought in the summer
  • 8. firefly serenety shirt from teefury bought early this year
  • 10. Raw knittet pullover, have it since two years
  • 11. Pullover with lace on the sides, new from Dorothy Perkins
  • 12. Oversized pullover with pokets from C&A some years ago
  • 13. Another raw knittet pullover, shorter in the front with a zipper in the back, new from frover18/colloseum
  • 14. Raglan pullover with lace at the shoulders, bought last year from Dorothy Perkins
  • 15. Shirt with buttons and rollup sleeves bought beginning of this year at 1985
  • 16. & 17 normal black shirts one is from New Yorker (some years ago) and the other one from Dorothy Perkins (last year).
  • 18. Cardigan with teeny tiny bow on the collar. from last year at forever18/colloseum
  • 19. Knitted cardigan from H&M bought this year on a flea market
  • 20. Wrapup cardigan from Orsay bought this year
  • 21. Knitted wrapup cardigan from last year at H&M
  • 22. Sleeveless lace dress from the Summer bought at New Yorker
  • 23. Lace layer skirt i have since ages, i think it will soon fall apart.
  • 24. Basic black jersey skirt from H&M
  • 25. A-line skirt with pokets (forgot the brand)
  • 26. Skater dress with lonh sleeves. bought last year from New Yorker
  • 27. High weist stretch jeans from Orsay. I bought it new and did not shorten until i did take the picture.
  • 28. Jeans shorts from last year at Orsay
  • 29. Cord trousers from last year at H&M (legs shorted)
  • 30. Striped jeans from C&A about two years ago. I did shorten the legs and reassembled the zipper on the end of the legs

  • 31. Traditional canvas vans, bought this year in spring
  • 32. Comfy leather boots i bought last year from zalando
  • 33. & 34. Ankle boots from last year H&M
  • 35. Fleece zip-jacket when it is too cold in the office
  • 36. Most loved big bag from Banned. I bought it last year from Dark Store here in Berlin
  • 37. Backpack with ears from last year H&M
  • 38. Casual black handbag bought this year at TK Maxx
What pieces did you choose for your autumn capsule? How many pieces did you buy new? Are you more in buying cheap brands? Do you have any suggestions for me for environment and ecological friendly brands?

Hugs n Kisses
Madame Snowhitepink

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