Friday, 28 November 2014

Red Riding Hood

Hello world!

As you all know from my detailed whats in my closet post, i only have one colorful item in there. It's a screaming red coat. Before i bought this coat i only had dark or black coats. But when i did start planning my London-vacation wardrobe (anyone interested in seeing this?) i saw that coat on dorothy perkins and had to buy it. But in the end, i did not take it with me to my London trip because the weather was still very warm when we did go there. This was the first time when i did wear that coat.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Unpacked: ebelin konjac sponge

Hello world!
since some weeks dm brand ebelin now has a konjac sponge in their portfolio. I did hear about these sponges since some time on other blogs but i never wanted to buy one online, because i did not want to make an extra order just for such a tiny thing. But now i was even more happy to find them just in the drugstore around the corner

Monday, 24 November 2014

The cat tights

Hello world!
i saw those cute cat-face-on-your-knees tights allover pinterest and i really wanted to have one of these. But i thought "will they fit me? will the kitty be on the knee or somewhere else? how will it look like on a tiny person like me?". Then i saw them a my favorite tights dealer calzedonia for only 9 euros. And i did just throw all my negative thoughts out of the window and bought them right away. here is the outfit i was wearing together with them.

  • Tights: calzedonia
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Shirt: C&A

Friday, 21 November 2014

Firefly Serenity? After all that time? Allways!

Hello world!
Here comes my first outfit post from the capsule wardrobe. As i do timetraveling at the moment i have already a lot of outfits in place to share with you. This is from beginning of October when i did go to the vintage computer festival.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Capsule wardrobe autumn

Hello world!
last time i mentioned to show you what finally got into my capsule wardrobe. My limit was 37 pieces including handbags and shoes. In the end i was on 38 pieces, which is just fine because the 37 was just a number i wanted as orientation. In the beginning i tought i will never be able to just use this small amount of clothes, but when i started picking the pieces out of the wardrobe it was much easier than i tought. The only thing which was hard to decide was about my tee-fury & co shirts. i have many nerdy shirts from various one-shirt-per-day pages and i love all of them. but i said i only pick up one for the atumn capsule and will wear to other ones when the weather is warmer and i don't have to hide them under a cardigan.
As a recap of my closet i have to say i only wear black clothes. Most of the clothes i already have around since many years so o only did buy four new items for this wardrobe. I also only buy kind of cheap brands, which i will now try to avoid in the future and invest money in more environment and economic friendly brands and try to have an eye on organic fabrics. But on the other hand i also try not to buy so many new clothes. So for every new piece i buy an old one will get thrown out of the closet.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Vintage Computing Festival Berlin

Hello world!
Well it's already over a month ago but i still would like to tell you something about this tiny event and show some of the pictures i did take there.
The event did take place at the 4th and 5th of october at the Pergamon Palais in Berlin, which is near the S-Bahn Station Friedrichstraße. The entry was "pay at your own will" and organized by the afra (Abteilung fpr Redundanz Abteilung e.V) together with the help of the Chaos Computer Club and the Computermuseum at Uni Stuttgart.

Why having a capsule wardrobe

Hello world!

Since october i started a new (at least for me) experiment called capsule wardrobe. As i love fashion a lot but have problems finding the right fitting things ( pullovers are usually to long everywhere that i can wear most of them as dress) i often buy clothes that just fit rarely.